Unit 1: Introduction to APES

Topics of Study

Chapter 1 Environmental Science: Studying the State of Our Earth

  • Case Study: Earthquakes, Leakage, and Wastewater: Modern-Day Consequences of Energy Production
  • Module 1 Environmental Science
  • Module 2 Environmental Indicators and Sustainability
    • Do the Math Converting Between Hectares and Acres
    • Do the Math Rates of Forest Clearing
  • Module 3 Scientific Method
    • Do the Math Range of Electric Vehicles
    • Working Toward Sustainability Reducing Food Waste
  • Chapter 1 Practice Math and Graphing
  • Lab 1-1 What's Your Ecological Footprint?
  • Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 2 Environmental Systems

  • Case Study: Mono Lake - A Lake of Salt Water, Dust Storms, and Endangered Species
  • Module 4 Systems and Matter
  • Module 5 Energy, Flows, and Feedbacks
    • Do the Math How Much Energy Can You Save with a New Refrigerator?
    • Do the Math Comparing Fuel Usage
    • Do the Math Comparing the Efficiencies of Two Systems
    • Working Toward Sustainability Managing Environmental Systems in the Florida Everglades
  • Chapter 2 Practice Math and Graphing
  • Science Applied 1 Where Is the Missing Salt of Mono Lake?
  • Lab 1-2 Introduction to Sensors and Data
  • Chapter 2 Quiz

Unit 1 Introduction to Environmental Science Review

Unit 1 Introduction to Environmental Science Exam